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Donor Retention

Elevate your fundraising efforts by retaining past donors

Prioritize donor retention by creating personalized experiences, showing appreciation, and communicating impact to foster lasting relationships with your supporters.

Recurring Donations

Recurring donors give an average of 30% more per year than one-time donors. Give your donors the option to donation at a frequency that works for them.

Donor Impact

Highlight your donors’ impact, show appreciation to your top supporters, and acknowledge recent donations to strengthen donor relationships.

Donor Outreach

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to connect with your donors. Empower your donors with account access to take greater control of their support on our website.

Features for Donor Retention

Recurring Donations

Let your donors choose the frequency giving.
Fan Favorite

Donor Summary

Get a comprehensive fundraising summary report.

Impact Reports

Easily navigate your donation history and calculate fundraising ROI.

Donor Exports

Upload your donation data to third-party platforms.

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