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Online Fundraising

Customizable Donation Forms

Elevate your organization’s branding and revenue with high-quality, tailored donation forms. Don’t settle for any old form – choose a solution that matches your brand and maximizes your impact. Invest in your organization’s success and try our tailored donation forms today!

Peer-to-Peer Fundraising

Empower your community to fundraise for your cause with our Peer-to-Peer Fundraising feature. Open up your donation forms to supporters and let them raise money for you in traditional peer-to-peer style or through team fundraising. The possibilities are endless!

Cryptocurrency Donations

Embrace the future of giving by accepting crypto donations in multiple currencies and supporting various wallets. With Bitpay, daily settlements go directly into your bank account, making crypto donations effortless. Join the crypto revolution and start accepting donations today!

Flexible Recurring Donations

Offer your donors more control over their donations with customizable recurring donations – a feature that sets you apart from other platforms and gives you a competitive edge in the market. Let your donors choose the frequency and amount of their giving, and maximize your organization’s impact today!


Make giving effortless for your donors with Text-to-Give. Powered by Twilio and Stripe, this simple text message solution empowers anyone to make an impact from anywhere. Join the future of giving and try it today!




Elevate your donor management system with our seamless back-office solution. Maintain an active donor database, organized tax receipts, and effortless integration with third-party tools like ContributePro. Streamline your nonprofit's record-keeping and achieve more today!


Revolutionize your performance tracking with our comprehensive donation form insights. Get all the data and numbers you need, along with clear charts that simplify decision-making. Achieve more with powerful insights.


Incorporate your supporters into your strategy by displaying your goals. This creates healthy competition among supporters and increases online giving. Goal setting is a crucial element of success - involve your supporters and achieve more together!


Enhance donor trust and reputation by incorporating a Donor Registration platform on your website. This allows donors to access their complete payment history and download tax-exempt receipts, streamlining the tax-filing process. Invest in your donors and strengthen your organization's impact today!


Show your appreciation to financial donors and suggest covering the payment processing fees, a necessary cost for accurate donation records. Your proactive gesture will help maximize their impact and support our cause even further.


Maximize your organization's growth by promoting your cause, mission, and vision. Our team can integrate your website with powerful marketing platforms such as MailChimp and Constant Contact to keep your organization top-of-mind and achieve your goals with ease.

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