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The mission of the Durham Art Guild is to enhance and unite our communities by fostering opportunities and offering guidance to present and future visual artists and art enthusiasts. Established in 1948, the Guild is a member-driven nonprofit organization dedicated to the visual arts. Over the past seven decades, we have steadfastly supported local artists and championed the arts in our region. Recently, we embarked on the journey to rebuild our website, ensuring it’s user-friendly for our team. This transformation allows us to effortlessly update content in real-time, providing our audience with the latest information on exhibitions and events.”



We designed a website that seamlessly marries functionality with aesthetics. With minimal yet bold features, we created a space where creativity meets functionality. Visitors now enjoy a visually stunning journey through the Guild’s world of art, events, and news.


The revamped website is now a testament to our passion for innovative design. Navigating through the Durham Art Guild’s offerings is a breeze, fostering a deeper connection with art enthusiasts and stakeholders alike.

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Veritas School


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