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As a leading web designer for arts organizations, our team at The Good Pixel had the privilege of collaborating with the Durham Art Guild, a prominent nonprofit dedicated to fostering opportunities for visual artists and enthusiasts since 1948. Recognizing the importance of their mission in uniting communities through art, we embarked on a journey to rebuild their website, ensuring seamless functionality and user-friendly navigation.



The Durham Art Guild approached us with a pressing need to modernize their online presence while maintaining a strong focus on community engagement. Their existing website lacked intuitive navigation and struggled to provide real-time updates on exhibitions and events, hindering their ability to connect with their audience effectively.


Drawing on our expertise as a nonprofit web designer, we approached the project with a focus on marrying functionality with aesthetics. Our team meticulously designed a website that not only showcased the Guild’s vibrant world of art but also provided a streamlined platform for users to access the latest information effortlessly. Through a combination of bold yet minimalist features, we created an immersive digital experience where creativity seamlessly met functionality.

Key Outcomes

Website traffic increased by 40% within the first month post-launch.

User engagement doubled, indicating higher interest and interaction with the Guild’s content.

Artist submissions for exhibitions saw a notable increase of 25% in the initial quarter following the website’s relaunch.

Social media engagement witnessed a significant boost, with a 50% rise in followers across platforms, further amplifying the Guild’s reach and impact within the community.


As a web designer for nonprofits, we take pride in our partnership with the Durham Art Guild and the transformative impact of our collaboration. Together, we have not only revitalized their online presence but also strengthened their role as a cornerstone of the local arts community. Through innovative design and a commitment to fostering connections, the Durham Art Guild continues to enhance and unite communities through the power of visual art.


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