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Why is blue the most used color in nonprofit branding?

Designers consider blue the “king of colors” and go-to color for branding. With over 50% of all logos featuring the color blue for its positive associations, it’s hard for you to go wrong using blue in your nonprofit branding. If your nonprofit needs a cool color that implies professionalism and dependability, consider using blue as your main color.

The Meaning of Blue

Blue is a well-liked color that “tends to relax the nervous system.” Unlike the color red, blue tends to spark mental, rather than physical, reactions. This primary-color can evoke various emotions that can be beneficial for marketing – tranquility, strength, expertise, loyalty, understanding, confidence, and seriousness. A study on color psychology and theory found that viewers associate blue with trust (34%), security (26%), and reliability (43%) more than any other color. Use blue to help your audience associate your brand with calm, quiet emotions.

In addition to these peaceful emotions, you can use blue in marketing for its diverse associations. Spark images of the open ocean and sunny sky by choosing blue as your chief logo color. This imagery and the emotional connotations suggest that your organization is credible, sustainable, and processional and processes industry expertise.

Words of Caution and Consideration

Although blue is a classic color in the marketing world with vast positive associations, it can make your branding feel off-putting if misused. Too much blue can feel cold and uncaring. Often used for clothing, toys, and decoration with infant boys, baby blue feels youthful and playful, perhaps an unfitting choice for an agency seeking to build a reputation as a reliable, professional nonprofit. Alternatively, dark blue suggests authority, conservativeness, and tradition; avoid dark blue for contemporary, grassroots organizations. With the deliberate selection and application of blue, this color can be an excellent choice for your organization.

The Uses of Blue Logos

Blue supports the competence dimensions (reliable, responsible, dependable, efficient) of brand personality, fitting for various industries. The business sector often uses blue for entertainment, social media, science, medicine, dentistry, technology, and appliances, all industries that benefit from a perception of sincerity and competence. Nonprofit organizations use these traits of security and trustworthiness in their branding as well by using blue. Keep scrolling to see examples from healthcare, mental health, conservation, human rights, child welfare, humanitarian, and informational nonprofit organizations.

Blue Logo Examples

Wondering if blue is the right color for your organization and how you can maximize its impact? View the red logos of some of the leading nonprofit organizations below:

Health Organizations

Mental Health Organizations

Conservation & Environmental Organizations

Human Rights Organizations

Children & Youth Organizations

Children & Youth Organizations

Informational Organizations



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