Why should I hire a Nonprofit Web Designer?

A website is more than just a few pages of digitally coded 1’s and 0’s: it’s a window into the heart and soul of an organization – and a crucial opportunity to:

Engage the visitor. The longer they are engaged, the more likely they will forge a lasting memory.  

Inspire them. With the right content and design, a good nonprofit website will leave the user sharing the same deep connection to your cause as you! Once inspired, we are ready to…

Motivate them. Donations, signups or sharing of your efforts – this is the final and most pivotal 

step in designing an effective nonprofit website. 

These three keys to success are vital. If you are depending on a designer to help build these with you, you’ll need to be sure that you are spending your valuable time and money in the right place.

With many thousands – if not millions! – of web designers and companies out there fighting for your business, how can you make the most informed choice when choosing just one of them? We have some tips to help you navigate through this very important decision…

Generalized Design 

The best analogy we share when consulting with potential clients is “Why would you choose a jack of all trades, when you can choose a master of one?

This is exactly the same when it comes down to designing your nonprofit website. Don’t get us wrong, there are many talented, generalist designers out there producing great work. But that’s just it: its “general”. On any one day these guys are building sites for a range of different industries and sectors – from daycare, accounting and food, to health, entertainment and engineering. Their goals are to win business from any type of client, and to use as many pre-prepared templates and content as possible – to churn the work out and quickly move on to the next job.

While these designers play an important part in the world of web, are you comfortable entrusting your unique organization and messaging to them – for a one-size fits all “solution”?  

Specialized Design 

Whatever the discipline, specialized designers spend their time and careers training, developing and practicing their craft. Like a martial arts guru, they focus energy on making every movement perfect, honing and refining – never becoming complacent.  Is that not what your nonprofit deserves? We think so!

We have learned from our experience that, when it comes down to those three keys of success – engagement, inspiration and motivation – they must be specially designed for your unique organization. The Good Pixel was born, forged and now guided by this simple yet very important principle. 

Our team lives and breathes nonprofit web design. We understand that your website must effectively engage with your participants, potential donors, and volunteers – as well as the public. From the design and content to the functionality, we guarantee to get your message and personality out to the world.

As a standard, all of our packages offer nonprofit-specific design and functionality. Such as unique donation portals, enabling seamless fundraising, and user-specific signup pages that target new volunteers and participants.  You can learn more about our specialized services here.

While we would love it if you chose us to be your web design partner and become part of The Good Pixel family, most of all we want you to make the right choice for your nonprofit. If you still want to learn more about this, why not get in touch? 

We are not salespeople we are consultants, we are here to offer impartial, best-in-class advice – let’s have a chat



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