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Why storytelling is perfect for marketing

In 2016, Amazon created had a commercial features two friends of different beliefs that are having a great conversation over tea. As they both stand, their knee begin to hurt. Shortly after they depart, they grab their phones, open the Amazon app and purchase something. The next scene, they both receive their gifts‚Ķknee braces. Which allows them to practices their respective beliefs in comfort.

The difference between advertising and storytelling is simple. Advertising sells you on the company and product while storytelling sells you on the experience. Every great idea has its story. The next time you want to advertise your business, let your company play the small role in the movie. Show how the common person can interact with your product or service in a way that they forget which company can provide that great moment. Once the story has been told, then you can remind them that they can have the same experience with your brand. Trust me, they already know your idea is great just show them how great!



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