Donation Portal

Donation Tools Built for Your Success

Our donation portal is designed to give you the best fundraising tools on your website. Accept one-time and recurring donations, set campaign goals, and so much more, all on YOUR website.


Multiple Payment Gateways

You can choose your own payment gateway from over fifteen options including Autorize.net, Stripe, PayPal Pro, and more.

Full Feature Reporting

Gain a complete understanding of your donation form performance through insightful charts and tables with key performance indicators.

Powerful Donor Management

Keep track of your donors directly on your WordPress website. Know who your top donors are and keep notes on their support.

Complete Payment History

It’s easy to give any donor their complete payment history when you allow donor registration and enable donor history access.

Customize Your Fundraising

Display Options

Add donation forms to your WordPress site in a variety of styles including standalone pages, buttons, modal popups, and more.

Show Your Goals

Create a fear of missing out or sense of competition with goal bars. Customize your goals to track the amount raised or the number of donations.

Recurring Donation

Allow donors to give on a repeating basis with recurring donation subscriptions that you can set with custom frequencies and amounts.

Import and Export Data

Keep your old fundraising platform data or add your previous donation history with the ability to import and export your data.

Limitless Integration

Accept Credit Cards On Site

Create powerful fundraising campaigns directly in WordPress. Accept one-time and recurring donations, set campaign goals, and so much more!

Marketing Integrations

Connect to powerful marketing platforms like MailChimp and Constant Contact with fundraising marketing add-ons.

Salesforce Integration with Zapier

Integrate your donation forms with your Salesforce account through the Zapier add-on to maintain better donor relationships.

eCommerce Tracking

Add Google Analytics to keep track of your donation form performance and donor traffic behavior.