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Branding Web Design
June 3, 2019

Harvard Diversity Project

  • Strategy

    Web Development, Brand Strategy, UX Strategy

  • Design

    UI/UX Design, Web Design, Photography

  • Client

    Harvard Diversity Project

Open Project

Debate and Design

Harvard Debate Council Diversity Project (HDCDP) is an Atlanta-based program that provides Black youth access and exposure to accelerated academic training in critical thinking, communication, and civic engagement.

Originally, we created social media content to promote their events and ways to donate to their organization. After months of observation, we realized that Harvard DCDP had numerous ways for donors to give but not a central location. Furthermore, much of their information relied on social media and print materials. The Good Pixel proposed a total revamp of their website, harvarddcdp.org.

UX/UI design for a nonprofit


The priority for the redesign was usability. With two or less clicks, users can make donations.

Built a new UI/UX

Stylish design
on any devices.

Mobile devices account for 63% of the site's traffic. We transferred every function from the desktop site, into the mobile site to give users a seamless experience.

The Stats


Donations made through the website.


Page views every month (on average).


Applicants annually.

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