August 16, 2018

Flo Code

Flo Code is a leader and support organization in the Austin community donating over 330,000 menstrual products to 30+ organizations, shelters and natural disaster victims.

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We created Flo Code's branding, website, and social media presence.

  • Strategy

    UI/UX, Branding

  • Design

    Website, Print, Logo

  • Client

    Flo Code


After years of philanthropy, Flo Code CEO, Lamanda Ballard decided it was time for a change.

“Changing the Conversation…” is Flo Code’s slogan. They wanted every aspect of it’s brand to be avant garde towards the traditional, nonprofits that cater to woman’s hygiene. We created a curvy, typeface logo with feminine touches accompanied with a color palette that featured loud secondary colors with a mellow seafoam as the primary color.

Business Cards

We design a festive pattern composed of diverse women illustrations.


Like other aspects of Flo Code, we were instructed to think outside of the box when designing their website.

Colorful Choices

Why stick to
just 4 colors?

This website features a wide range of colors while maintaining a simple hierarchy of fonts and colors. With a straight forward navigation, flocode.org encourages users to visit multiple pages.

Mobile friendly

on any devices.


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